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Alvaro B. Zindel

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Managing Partner

Responsible for the entire strategy development process and quantitative models.

Prior to this, he gained extensive investment expertise within the financial sector, working for some of the most respected banks and trading houses. He held positions such as proprietary trader and portfolio manager for Vontobel Investment Banking, UBS, Axpo Trading and Litasco.

He has directed and designed profitable strategies with different investment styles, at low and high frequencies and in a wide range of asset classes and derivatives.

Alvaro holds a master of science in mathematics from the University of Zurich and the ETH Zurich (ranked top 10 worldwide).

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Jordi Zindel Mundet

JZM foto.jpg

Managing Partner

Responsible for client relations, business development and finance.


He has been CEO, shareholder and board member of companies ranging from energy, manufacturing, food and service, car dealerships, quality control, real estate, industry, social services, marketing and financial services.


Recognized for consistently driving shareholders value in diverse businesses and economic environments, he has a strong financial acumen combined with strategic vision and is known for building relationships across diverse cultures.


Jordi is an Industrial Engineer with financial, marketing and leadership backgrounds.

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Peter Osagie

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Head of Technology

Responsible for the entire technology stack including market data, automation and order execution.


Before joining Zindel Capital he gained extensive technology experience and market micro-structure knowledge from working at exchanges, buy-side and sell-side firms across multiple asset classes and trading styles. Together with Alvaro, Peter built up and ran very profitable algorithmic trading desk at Bank Vontobel market making in Swiss Blue-Chips. Prior to that Peter also help build up similar businesses for example trading German power and crude oil at Axpo Trading. He was also responsible for the FX market data and smart order routing at UBS.


Peter holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Rudy Zindel Mundet

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Administrative Director

Responsible for day-to-day operations, marketing, client relations, business development and finance.


Rudy has been shareholder and board member of various companies ranging from fiscal, auditing and e-invoicing solutions, credit risk assessment, financial leasing, consumer products, and food and beverage companies. In addition to this, he previously served as director and board member of a Luxembourg SICAV RAIF fund.

He specializes in building companies from the ground up with an innovative, forward-thinking approach.

Rudy holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration & Entrepreneurship from El Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico City, as well as a certificate from Yale University in financial markets.

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